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Argentina toll free numbers are just like 0800 numbers here in the UK. They allow people to call the number for free and the receiver of the call picks up the bill. Argintina have also adopted the 0800 element of the free phone family as their numbers are formatted like this 0800 xxx xxxx.

Argentina toll free numbers have become an increasing product in our portfolio as trade is seemigly drifting to both Brazil and Argentina. Our Argentina toll free numebrs can be set up to point to UK landlines, mobile or if you want to route to another country you can.

It may take up to 30 days to get your Argintina toll free number live so please contact us for more information regaridng timescales.

Argentina Toll Free Numbers - Mobile Surcharge

Please note that you will NOT be charged any additional fees if you are called on your Argintina toll free number from mobiles in Argintina.

Setting up your toll free number in Argentina will be easy. Just follow the steps to order online and we will do the rest - please note that our website is fully secure for credit card and debit card transactions.

Perhaps you want a number in Argintina but don't want a toll free? Do you know that we can supply you with Buenos Aires numbers and about another 15 locations in Argentina? If you would like to look at the Argentina Local Phone numbers then please click on the link.

Here are some examples of companies that use Argentina toll free numbers :-

The Prefered Hotel Group - Argentina Toll Free 0800 555 0003 - Argentina Toll Free 0800 222 7294

Gameloft - Argentina Toll Free 0800 666 3335

If you have any questions at all about our toll free services in Argentina please feel free to contact us.