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Australia toll free numbers (also known as Australia free phone numbers) will allow your business to advertise a number that is free for your customers to call. Australia toll free numbers can be diverted to any UK landline (we can even route to international locations if necessary) or mobile phones. The service is ideal if you have a customer base who you want to support or if you want to attract Australian customers to your business. An Australia toll free number is cheap to set up and service and the call costs are low due to the volume of minutes that we already carry (its certainly cheaper than opening an office in Australia and taking on staff).

If you are interested in buying an australia toll free number then please follow the online process to order or feel free to call one of the team on any of our contact numbers.

Australia toll free numbers always start with the prefix 1-800 and are wither 7 or 10 digits long.

Mobile Surcharge Details for Australia Toll Free Numbers

There is no mobile or payphone surcharge for you to pay if someone calls your Australia toll free number.

Australia toll free numbers can only be dialled from Australia. 1-800 numbers can be dialled from landlines, mobile phones and payphones but callers from mobiles may have to pay a fee to call (similar to uk 0800 numbers).

It is ideal to have an Australia toll free number pointing to the UK as there is no language barrier. You may have to consider the time difference and change your opening times if you can.

If you have any questions about our toll free service in Australia please get in touch.