Resell International Toll Free Numbers?

We currently have 2 levels of partnerships: our 1st being a dealer and our 2nd being a reseller. The differences are subtle and explained below:

Becoming a Dealer

We will send you a 3 page dealer agreement which informs you of your commission levels and the products we sell. Once this is complete we will issue you with our full commercial offering so that you can take it to your customers to sell.


  • You will not need your own billing platform as we will bill the end users for you
  • We issue monthly commission statements showing you earnings
  • We will pay you a commission on the rentals and call charges
  • Commission is paid monthly and calculated using our automated billing system
  • We manage the customer debt liability
  • You will be allocated an account manager who will order your numbers for you

Becoming a Reseller

Becoming a reseller is slightly more complex and you will need to be familiar with billing processes. The wholesale agreement is slightly longer and the process to establish you as a reseller could take up to 5 days.


  • Encourage your customers to call you with a free to call number in multiple countries
  • Disguises your geographic location
  • Can make you look like a global company
  • Enter new international markets at very little cost
  • Real time call stats to monitor your overseas campaigns
  • Route your toll free number to any existing landline or mobile
  • Fast set up process
  • Short minimum term - just 30 days
  • We are a UK based company with years of experience

If you are interested in becoming a dealer or reseller of international toll free numbers please contact us on our free phone number or contact us through the online form .