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North America is a popular area for companies that want to start to expand. America is usually the 1st choice but Canada is becoming a very popular choice. Having a Canada toll free number will allow you to promote your business to Canadians without having an office or location in the country.

If you are a business with large contracts in Canada why not provide your customers with a toll free number so that they can call you if they have any questions?

Canada toll free numbers are formatted like this:- 1-866-xxx-xxxx or 1-877-xxx-xxxx

Canada Toll Free Mobile Surcharge

There are no additional costs for you if someone calls your Canada toll free from a mobile phone.

If you are looking for a phone number in Canada and don't want a toll free number why not look at our Canada virtual phone numbers?

We usually carry stock of Canada toll free numbers which means that numbers can be set up on the same day. Sometimes we sell volumes of numbers and when our stock is depleted it can take us on average 14 days to get new numbers in service. If you need a Canada toll free number quickly please contact one of our team to check our stock levels.

Most of our competition are USA based companies who may charge you in Dollars. Choose a local, British company to supply your Canada toll free number today.