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China Toll Free Numbers will allow your company to attract customers from this emerging market. We have experienced a huge growth in the number of toll free services that we supply to organisations who are attempting to sell into China.

China toll free numbers have 2 distinct flavors and it is important to understand the differences. Please see below for the full explanation:-

China Toll Free - 400 numbers (this is the recommended number range in China)

  • 400 numbers are toll free numbers in China that are dialable from both landlines (fixed) and mobiles (cell phones). This is a complete contrast to the other toll free number range that is 10-800.
  • The other benefit of 400 China toll free numbers is that you only get one number that covers the entire country. The 10-800 number range (which is also toll free) will give you one number for the North of China and another number for the South.

China Toll Free - 10-800 numbers (this is a more complicated number range in China)

  • China 10-800 numbers are also toll free but they are not dialable from mobile phones (cell phones). This is restrictive as many users in China will be calling you from a mobile phone.
  • If you order a China toll free 10-800 number you will be allocated 2 numbers, one for the north of the country and one for the south.