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Finland toll free numbers are 0800 numbers in Finland that allow callers to phone your business for free. Most of our existing customers use toll free numbers in Finland to attract new customers or support existing customer relationships.

The benefit of having a toll free number in Finland is that you don't have to have a physical location in country. This means that you can advertise the fact that you are a local business and can be based anywhere in the world.

Finland toll free numbers are formatted in the following way - 0800 xxx xxx

If you are looking for a phone number in Finland but don't want a toll free number then why not have a look at our local phone numbers in Finland by clicking on this link Finland local phone number

Mobile Access Surcharge Costs

Please note that there is NO mobile access surcharge costs on Finland toll free numbers.


Here are some examples of companies using Finland toll free numbers:-

Hyatt Finland - 0800 115 251

Kingston Technology - 0800 117 004