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France toll free numbers are freephone numbers for people who live and work in France. The numbers can only be called from France landlines, Mobile phones or payphones. By having a France toll free number you will be able to encourage new customers to your business from France. Other uses include giving the number to your top customers so that they stay with you and don't get tempted to move away.

France toll free numbers are formatted in the following way:-

0805 xxxxxx - The number starts with 0805 clearly showing that the call is free for the caller. This is then followed by 6 further digits which is the unique phone number.

Setting up a France toll free number will be quick and easy to do, we usually have stock of numbers in France and orders get processed fast. If you are looking at taking bulk toll free numbers in France then please call one of our team for support.

If you are interested in phone numbers in France but don't want to use toll free numbers why not look at our France local numbers which includes areas like Paris and Nice?