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In Germany toll free numbers start 0800 but this never used to be the case. Many years ago they used to be 0130 numbers but this was changed to come into line with the rest of Europe. A german toll free number will always start 0800 and will always be followed by a further 7 digits. As 0800 numbers in Germany are likely to run out, the local regulator has already allocated the number range 0801 as toll free.

Toll free numbers in Germany are widely used and everyone knows that 0800 is free to call. Infact they are commonly known as Null achthunderter Nummern - which stands for zero eighthundred numbers.  Many thousands of companies use toll free numbers in Germany to both attract new customers and keep existing ones.

Setting up a Germany toll free number is easy, just follow the simple ordering process on this secure site or call us if you need any further clarification.

Germany Toll Free Numbers - Mobile Access Surcharge

Please note that if someone calls your German toll free number from a mobile (cellphone), you will be responsible to pay a Mobile Surcharge of 19p per minute.

Why not try a local phone number in Germany if you don't want toll free?

We also have the capability to provide local city phone numbers in Germany if toll free is not your option. Just head to the front page and choose a local number under Germany in our easy to use wizard.

German toll free numbers are formatted in the following way - 0800 xxx xxxx (replace the x's with numbers). In the future there will also be 0801 xxx xxxx but that is only when 0800 numbers start to run out.

Germany is one of our most popular locations to supply toll free number which is why we pre order numbers. We usually carry stock of German numbers to ensure that we can provide you with a fast set up time. Please call us if you would like to see what German toll free numbers we have available to choose from.

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