Virtual Local Phone Numbers – Questions and Answers

How long will it take to get a virtual local number set up?

It can take up to 5 days to get a number live but we do carry stock of numbers. The main STD codes in the UK such as 0207, 0208, 0121 and so on could be quicker. London virtual numbers are set up on the same day as we have access to numbers immediately.

How much do local numbers cost?

There is a one off set up fee which is £15 per number, a monthly rental which is £5 per number and a pence per minute for the calls received. The pence per minute depends on where you are pointing you local number to. If you point your local number to a landline then the cost is 3p per minute, if it is to a mobile then the cost is 9p per minute and if you point internationally you will need to call us for the rate.

How long is the contract for a local number?

We do not ask you to sign to a long term contract but you MUST let us know in writing if you wish to cancel. The minimum term for a local number is just 30 days.

Do you sell virtual local numbers to individuals?

We don’t any more! We have had serious fraud issues with people ordering local phone numbers and not paying for them. If you want a local number then you must be a company.

I have a landline that I would like to turn into a Virtual Number – is this possible?

Yes, we can do what is called a Geographic number port. We will take control of your local number and then have the ability to point this number anywhere you wish. The only issue with this is that you will only be able to receive calls on your local number and not make any.

Can I turn my local virtual number into a real landline?

No, virtual phone numbers can not be turned into traditional phone lines.

Can I get a memorable virtual phone number?

We can order memorable phone numbers for you but the cost will increase to a set up fee of £99. All other prices remain the same. Please call us to ask about our memorable local numbers.

I don’t have a BT landline can I point my virtual number to a cable line?

Yes, it doesn’t matter who supplies you with your existing phone line as we can connect virtual numbers to any phone supplier.

I would like to order lots of numbers. Is there a volume discount?

Yes. We consider any order over 10 virtual numbers a volume order. Please call us to ask us about our discounts if you want to purchase 10 or more virtual numbers.

I have spoken to other companies about their numbers and they use VOIP do you?

No, all our virtual numbers are routed using traditional methods. We do not use VOIP at all to connect any of our UK local numbers.