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Russia Local Phone Numbers

 Get a phone number in Moscow and direct it to your existing landline or mobile phone. This will make your business look local in Moscow.

If your comany wants to trade in Russia then advertising a UK phone number will not deliver the results. If you are selling into Russia and want to increase the sales or customer service then why not supply your customers with a local Russia phone number?

The set up process is simple. You can either order the Moscow number online or call us to place the order. We will need to know where to point the Moscow number to (i.e. your UK landline) so that we can build the number.

*****Please note that that cost to receive a call on your Moscow phone number will be 16p per minute at all times if we point to a UK landline*****

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 Here are some examples of how Moscow numbers look:-

Hilton Moscow phone number - (495) 627-55-50

Marriott Moscow phone number - (495) 937-00-00