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Spain Toll Free Numbers are free to call numbers from landlines and mobiles in Spain. Spanish toll free numbers are formatted in the following way - 800 xxx xxx. Spain have also released 900 xxx xxx numbers as toll free due to the lack of availability of numbers. Our current stock is all 800 xxx xxx numbers.

A Spain 800 number will allow your customers to call you for free as you will be picking up the charge for the receipt of the call. Having a toll free number in Spain will encourage local callers to contact you if you are trying to sell a product or service. Other companies tend to use Spain toll free numbers as a customer support line, this can assist in keeping good relationships with your suppliers and customers.

Spain Toll Free Numbers - Mobile Access

If you would like people in Spain to call your toll free number then you will have to pay a Mobile Access Surcharge. This will be charged to you at 30p per minute at all times. If you would prefer not to receive calls from mobiles in Spain please let us know and we will block this element off for you.

If you don't want to offer your customers a toll free number in Spain but would prefer to provide a local city number such as Madrid or Barcelona number then please click on this link for more information - Spain virtual numbers

Here are some existing companies who are using 800 toll free numbers in Spain:-

 Iberia Airways - Spain toll free number 800 772 7642

Span Air - Spain toll free number 888 545 5757