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Switzerland toll free numbers are freephone numbers that are dialable from within Switzerland. The format of the number would be 0800 xxx xxx. Most customers who buy Switzerland 0800 numbers are companies who wish to sell into the Swiss market or support existing customers in this region.

Switzerland has become a popular destination and with this in mind we do carry stock of Switzerland toll free numbers. As we carry stock we should be able to get your number live on the same day of purchase (please check with us if you need a number the same day as stock levels can move).

Swiss toll free numbers can be used as fax numbers.

Switzerland Toll Free Number (Mobile Access Surcharge)

Please note that there is an additional surcharge for calls that are received from mobile phones in Switzerland. The cost for this is an additional 20p per minute at all times. Mobile access surcharges can be surpressed on Swiss toll free numbers so please inform us if you wish us to do this.

If you are interested in buying a Swizxerland toll free number then please follow the online order process or contact us directly to place an order over the phone.

If you want a local phone number in Switzerland and not a toll free number then please click here to view our local phone numbers in Switzerland