Universal Toll Free Numbers (UIFN)

A Universal toll free number is a single phone number that is free to call and can be used across multiple countries.

Universal Toll Free numbers (also known as UIFN, Universal International Freephone Number) look like this +800 xxxxxxxx

We provide Universal toll free numbers in over 40 countries and already supply some of the largest companies globally.

If you need to route the Universal number to a non UK landline please contact us for pricing details.

UIFN for USA and Canada

As you can see from the list of countries USA and Canada are not listed. We can open up the USA and Canada for toll free numbers but you would have to add £1000 set up fee per country for both Canada and USA and the cost to receive calls to UK landlines would be 15p per minute at all times.

Benefits of Using Universal Toll Free Numbers

  • If you are limited to space on packaging then using one number for multiple countries helps.
  • Having a single number for cross European marketing can be easier than taking a number per country.

Negatives of Using Universal Toll Free Numbers

  • Numbers start 00800 and this can look strange to people in most countries. For example a toll free number in Ireland starts 1800. A person who does not know telecoms would not know the cost to call the 00800 number and may not dial it.
  • Some phone systems in the UK are set up to stop (BAR) international phone calls. If a phone system is call barred to dial internationally then someone calling 00800 would not be able to make the call as the phone system thinks that the user is dialling overseas. This can sometimes result in faults being raised on the Universal Toll Free number when the number is working perfectly.
  • It is expensive to open up the USA and Canada which are massive markets to restrict and 90% of the time customers will need these opened.
  • Even though they are called Universal Toll Free Numbers they are not truly universal. The list of countries that these numbers will work in is only just over 40.

As you can see from the benefits and negatives list above we would recommend that where possible you take a local Toll Free Number for each country. If you can't take a number for each country due to space limitations then we would happily provide you with a Universal Number.

To place an order for a Universal Toll Free Number you will have to call us on any of the numbers at the top of this page. We do not take web orders for this service due to its complexity.

If you would like to ask any further questions or are considering taking a number please feel free to contact us directly.